About Us

sarita shrestha

Tibet Imports has been locally owned since 2004, and is located in the heart of Denver, Colorado off Sixth Ave. The owner, Sarita is originally from Nepal, and grew up in Boulder, CO to attend high school. And  got her Civil and Environmental Engineering degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver . Eventually she married and moved to Denver to open her shop. Her import store has high quality artifacts from Nepal, including singing bowls and gongs, prayer wheels, incense, crystals and statues, to name a few! Sarita is also known for her prayer malas and mala making supplies. 

Sarita has been making and using prayer malas most of her life. She is known for her offering of Vedic Astrology readings. These birth chart readings date back to Vedic times, over 5, 000 years, and offer insights about one’s life path. Vedic Astrology uses 27 constellations, 12 zodiac signs and houses, and the 9 planets. These infinite combinations represent all the aspects of human life. Based on the birth chart information, Sarita will tell you what planetary phase you are in and will pick out a hand-made mala that will support you at this time in your life. You can have an astrology reading anytime in your life, once a year, especially the week of your birthday.

Prayer malas make great mediation tools, and also make wonderful gifts that are made with prayers and intentions. They run through your right hand, between the thumb and second or third fingers. During meditation one will recite their prayers, intentions or mantra and run their mala through each finger and knot, making a round of 108. We stop at the guru bead and give thanks to our teacher, guru, God or Goddess. The crystals on the gemstone each vibrate different energies, to support the wearer with a number of things. This includes protection, grounding, creativity, self-love, communication, focus and open mind. We use 108 beads and this number has a lot of sacred meaning in many world traditions. In Vedic Astrology, we use 12 houses and 9 planets, 9×12 = 108