Divine Goddess of golden complexion


Lakshmi is a symbol or wealth, good fortune, purity and beauty. She is depicted as a stunning four-armed Divine Goddess of golden complexion. She is commonly seen sitting or standing on a blooming lotus flower. She is also seen holding a lotus bud, and this symbolizes beauty, fertility and purity. Her four hands represent the four ends of human life: Dharma-Righteousness, Karma-Desires, Artha- Wealth, and Moksha- Liberation. Liberation from the cycle of birth and death. The Sanskrit origin of Lakshmi is from the word “Laksme”, meaning “goal”. Lakshmi therefore represents the goal of life, which includes spiritual as well as worldly prosperity!

Lakshmi has cascades of gold coins flowing from her hands, hinting that those who follow her ideal example and worship her can gain abundance and happiness. As she sits on her lotus she is also seen wearing clothing that is the color of red with gold embellishments. Red is the symbol of positive activity, and the gold lining represents prosperity. Her consort is Vishnu, she is born his spouse whenever he incarnates.

Cultures who celebrate this Hindu Goddess honor her in October with the five-day Festival of Lights. Everything is decorated like Christmas here in America, and candles are burned in her honor. Puja ceremonies invite her energy into their life and it is a symbol of the light we all have inside of us. She gives you permission to shine your light for all to see!

Sarita, owner of Tibet Imports always uses the Lakshmi mantra when hand tying her malas. This mantra is Om Shreem and it represents attraction to bring more abundance and ease into your life. Call upon Lakshmi to honor and shine the happiness within you!

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