Known as the warrior goddess, Durga is the embodiment of feminine energy, she is the Divine Mother goddess. She protects humans from the misery and suffering of evil by destroying forces of selfishness, jealousy, anger and hatred. Durga is commonly seen riding a lion or a tiger carrying weapons or using mudras; symbolic hand gestures. She has nine arms and each hand is holding an object; a trident , chakram, scimitar, snake, conch shell, mace, bow, long sword, a thunder bolt and a lotus. The number 9 is considered the number of completion and in Vedic astrology there are 9 planets.

When we worship to Durga you are asking for aid in destroying your own ignorance for ultimate growth in consciousness. During October in Nepal, there is a 15 day festival to celebrate this Divine Mother, and it is one of the largest celebrations in Nepal. It is custom to spend time with all family members, to receive blessings from the elders for good luck. Feasting on foods and offering Durga fruits and grains is also common during this festival.

Megan Gallus-Grimm

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