How to gift a Prayer Mala (Meditation Beads) ?

Fertility Mala

Mala beads are made with powerful gemstone beads or seeds, that are then strung and hand-tied with prayers or intentions. They make a perfect gift for yourself or someone else in your life. There are a few different ways to choose a mala for a gift, so here are a few ways that we can help you with this special decision process.

At Tibet Imports, Sarita offers Vedic Astrology birth chart readings. Anyone can have their Vedic Astrology chart read at any time in their life. Oftentimes it can be done for a birthday, a celebration or major achievement, or maybe even to offer insight and clarity on the many opportunities life can offer. In order to get an accurate reading we will need a first name, date of birth, time of birth (within two hour window), along with city and state. Once we have this information we can pull an accurate chart, and reveal facts about love, your career and how you can share your own power. Based on the vedic reading, Sarita will help you pick out the best mala to support you in your journey. 

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Another way that you can choose a prayer mala as a gift, is to think about the intentions or goals your friend or loved one is trying to cultivate in their life. The original purpose of a prayer mala is to focus on intentions during meditation. So we want to be sure that the gifted mala can be a perfect meditation tool, but also serve as a reminder of their intentions and prayers. 

What is this person going through in this season of their life? What aspects in their life could receive more attention and support? How can they feel supported in their hopes and dreams? Their new prayer mala will serve as a personal reminder of these positive intentions. They will also help you achieve goals, remove any obstacles on your path, find comfort and feel supported. 

The final way that you can choose Mala beads as a gift is using your own intuition as the guide. Perhaps there is a color or gemstone that you are drawn to. Use this feeling of deep contention to help guide you to the right mala. Does it catch your eye right away, or does it give you an energetic feeling? Sometimes we just know! Trust the process and be open to the experiences of picking this unique gift. 

Once you have taken the time to explore these options,  you will most certainly pick out a mala that connects to the many aspects your friend is seeking! It will always be a cherished and one-of-a-kind gift that comes from the heart. 

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