Maha Shivaratri-In Honor of the Lord Shiva


In Hinduism, there is a holy Trinity of Gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Lord Shiva is the personification of the masculine form of the Divine, the King and ruler of the soul. Shiva is blue in color and often times seen sitting in a lotus posture, in meditation. His hair is long and flowing and represents the Ganges River. The other symbols seen on Lord Shiva are a crescent moon, a coiled snake, drum, trident in hand as well as ashes all over his blue colored body. He is said to be hidden in the Himalayan Mountains on the scared Mount Kailash. No humans have ever climbed this mountain and there are laws in place that prevents them from never climbing this holy summit.

He is considered the destroyer, helping to destroy the attachments humans have that create suffering and worries. Shiva can aid those who seek help with lack of willpower, who want to overcome selfishness and other negative qualities that can lead to bad habits.
Lord Shiva has blue colored skin. Legend says there was a poison destroying the earth and people were dying. Shiva took this poison into his throat to save the earth. This is why the throat chakra is the color blue. It is also connected to the color blue representing the throat, saliva is like water and we also have glands the thyroid system connected to the throat as well. The element is air, we breath air from the throat chakra.

Between January 29- February 27 people read stories about Shiva and also pray to him during this time period.

His mantra is: Om Namaha Shivaya
The Sanskrit translation is :
Om – is the universal sound
Nam -means seed
Ma -represents mother
Shi -means to share the seed with the earth
Va -is what comes from this planted seed, the result of what the souls desires are. One seed can bring 1,000 more seeds!
Ya -represents an ending

Have love in your heart and trust in love. Lord Shiva will help destroy the attachments that are holding you back from being your true self.

A traditional Shiva Mala has Quartz Crystal and Rudrashka seeds, combined with the color white that symbolizes cosmic energy.

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