New Year 2021


The new year is upon us and the theme of resolution and intention setting is in the making for 2021!  As we head into a new year we can think about having an open path. Ganesh is the Hindu deity of wisdom, intelligence, good fortune and writing. Ganesh has an elephant head, said to represent wisdom, and he is often times seen dancing in celestial bliss, holding a lotus flower, showing the no fear mudra, and cutting away the darkness with the blade. His mount is a Rat, a Hindu lore of trickery in this world. He also loves candy and sweets and is often seen with a broken tusk.

            He is best known as the remover of obstacles, vanity ego and pride, and Ganesh is often-times invoked called upon first for any ritual or ceremony.  Many people pray to Ganesh for a new house, a new vehicle, before taking a test or exam, before job interview or before starting new projects, it is believed that Ganesh will come to your aid and bring success your endeavors. Wherever there is Ganesh there is success, and prosperity, and wherever there is prosperity and success, there is Ganesh!  

            Ganesh is the first born son of Shiva and Parvati, and was born out of the desire for Parvati to procreate, without the help of Shiva. Shiva who is eternal, didn’t feel the need to procreate.  So the relationship between mother and son is unique and special. His other names are Ganesha and Ganapati.  He broke his own tusk off on one side to use as an ink pen to write holy Hindu scriptures. If you have a Ganesh stature or photo, check the tusks.  If the tusk is growing on the left side, that represents property. If his tusk is growing on the right it represents good luck.

Tibet Imports carries many statues of Ganesh and the starting price is $5.00 and goes up from there depending on size and material.

The invocation for Ganesh is:

Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah (Hail the name of Ganesh)

|| ॐ श्री गणेशाय नमः ||

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