Brown Jasper, Citrine & Bodhi Seed


Brown Jasper: Connected to the earth, this stone encourages awareness and stability. It is a stone of balance and harmony; internally and external. Enhances states of meditation; A great tool for grounding and centering the body; aid us in connecting to the 1st chakra. Stimulates the cleansing organs; kidneys liver. It may help to heal the skin.

Citrine: A stone of abundance and great strength. Empowered with the power of the Sun and other cosmic light bodies; it instills confidence and creativity! Activating the 2nd and 3rd chakras when worn & meditated upon. Good for digestion.

Bodhi Seed: Not a stone, but a seed that has fallen from a tree before fruiting. Legend says Buddha himself was sitting underneath a “Bodhi Tree” when he obtained a realization. These seeds are believed to possess the wisdom & insight he received. Helpful to transcend patterns and thoughts that keep up “stuck” or “imprisoned”. Over time, the oil and heat from your body may change the color of the seed.