Valentine’s Day


February is often associated with the theme of love, with the celebration of Valentine’s Day.
The theme of love is represented with the Heart Chakra. This chakra is the bridge between the lower 3 and upper 3 systems. Everything begins from our heart! The Heart Chakra is the color green or pink and the stone for the heart chakra is Rose Quartz. Everyone should have a piece of Rose Quartz in their collection. Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional and universal love. It helps with softening your heart, opening up to self-love and love to others.

When we have self-love we know our worth and we feel confident. When you can love yourself, you can also love others. When you respect yourself, you can also respect others. Care for others and open your heart! Let Valentine’s Day serve as a reminder that we always can care for others. But do you also do that for the most important in your life? YOU!

All of February Sarita will have $7.00 Rose Quartz bracelets available for purchase. Give the gift of love from your heart!

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