Creating a connection with your Mala & Crystals

Creating a connection with your Mala & Crystals

Creating a connection with your crystals and your Mala can be a deeply personal and meaningful experience. Here’s how you can create a connection with your crystals or your Malas. 

  1. Choose a crystal/Mala that resonates with you: It is believed that the crystals and Malas tend to find you when you need them. So, be mindful of what you are drawn to or what’s calling you. Make sure your crystals and Malas speak to you on a personal level. 
  2. Put Intention: Before you start your meditation, hold your crystal or your Mala in your hands. State your intention to it. It could be an affirmation, mantra, or a simple gratitude statement for the opportunity to connect with your spiritual self. 
  3. Meditate with it: When using your Mala, focus on the sensation of the beads, with each bead repeat your mantra or affirmation. When meditating with crystals, focus on the crystal in your hands and feel the energy it’s giving you. Allow your mind to remain focused and present. 
  4. Carry them with you: You can either wear your Mala as a bracelet or necklace throughout the day or carry them (crystals & Mala) in your bag or pocket as a reminder of your intentions or your spiritual practice. 

A bonus tip, and my personal favorite:

  • Write your intention on a piece of paper and leave it with the crystals or Mala overnight or you can write a letter to your Mala and crystals with your intention and your action plan! 

I love doing this because it helps me reflect back on the plan and track my progress as well as see the difference that energy has brought into my life.



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