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Interested in Making Malas?

You can pick the beads of your choice and tie the knots while putting your intentions & love. You can get the Mala Kit, it comes with the beads of your choice, a wire that helps you string the beads, a nylon string, a cotton tassel, a guru bead, and the meaning of the bead. You can watch our video on "How To Make a Mala" on YouTube (linked with the product).


On a Budget? Errything $10 & Under!

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Intention Bundles

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Semi-Precious Stone Malas

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!! Limited Drops !!

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Do you wanna see my crystals?

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Precious Stone Malas

Summon The Good In Everything


    What is Mala?

    Mala = Garland of Unconditional Love.

    It is a beautiful combination of words “Ma” & “La” where “Ma” means MOTHER, unconditional love and “La” means Garland. When we put those words together, it means the “garland of unconditional love”. In other words, MALA is a mother’s love tied together in a garland.


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