Manifesting & Setting Intentions

Interested in Making Malas?

You can pick the beads of your choice and tie the knots while putting your intentions & love. You can get the Mala Kit, it comes with the beads of your choice, a wire that helps you string the beads, a nylon string, a cotton tassel, a guru bead, and the meaning of the bead. You can watch our video on "How To Make a Mala" on YouTube (linked with the product).


Precious Stone Malas

About Us

We specialize in Malas. All the Malas are handmade with lots and lots of love. The Malas have knots between each bead and they are charged with Mantras. We also have variety of Kid's Mala and Mini Mala (Bracelets) made of seeds, beads, woods, and more. The beads that are used to make the Malas come from all over the worlds. You can also pick the beads and make your own Mala if you are interested. They are very calming and meditative. 

Alongside Malas, we have Crystals, Deities, Insence, and other gift items.

Summon The Good In Everything


    What is Mala?

    Mala = Garland of Unconditional Love.

    It is a beautiful combination of words “Ma” & “La” where “Ma” means MOTHER, unconditional love and “La” means Garland. When we put those words together, it means the “garland of unconditional love”. In other words, MALA is a mother’s love tied together in a garland.


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