How To Bring Positive Energy With Mala

Vedic Astrology Readings

Vedic Readings can be done locally at the Denver, CO storefront, or they can also be done over the phone. You can call Sarita at 303-355-2347 and or 303-260-9420 or you can always email her at 

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With positive energy and the right guidance, You can achieve any goal in life.

What is this person going through in this season of their life? What aspects in their life could receive more attention and support? How can they feel supported in their hopes and dreams? Their new prayer mala will serve as a personal reminder of these positive intentions. They will also help you achieve goals, remove any obstacles on your path, find comfort and feel supported. 

I absolutely love Tibet Imports. Sarita is so knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help with anything you need. I've had my Ayurvedic astrological chart read twice by Sarita over the years and have found it extremely informative and interesting and I absolutely love the Malas I have purchased with each reading. I have also purchased statues, necklaces, and crystals with Sarita's guidance to help me find exactly what I needed. I have never felt more comfortable asking questions, which for someone with anxiety is extremely important to me. I highly recommend stopping in and spending some time here. If you are looking for a perfect mala, definitely sign up for a reading! This place is amazing!
Denver, CO
I went here today with a friend who spoke highly of her reading that she had done a few years ago. Sarita was dead on with several things. After my 10 minute reading (we covered a lot in this time) she chose a beautiful mala for me. I enjoyed my experience and will definitely be back!
Tina H.
Aurora, CO