What does Breaking of the Mala Signifies?

What does Breaking of the Mala Signifies?

Prayer Malas are meditation tool used in various cultures. It’s typically made of 108 beads, though the smaller versions can be with 72 or 33 beads. It’s used to keep your focus during meditation or count the repetition of prayers, mantra, or affirmations. Although, it’s also loved as an accessory.

Often times, people assume the worst when their Mala breaks and get all stressed. Breaking of the Mala can have different interpretations depending the situation.

  1. Completion of Cycles: It signifies the completion of a spiritual cycle. 108 is a sacred number symbolizing various aspect of the universe. When a mala breaks, it is a sign that you have completed a certain number of repetitions of their chosen prayer or mantra, indicating progress on your spiritual journey.
  2. Release of Karma: Breaking of the Mala is a cleansing process that can free you from the past burdens, allowing you to let go and move forward.
  3. Transformation: Breaking of Mala signifies that the intention you had while getting the Mala has been fulfilled. It is signaling towards a personal transformation or shift in consciousness.
  4. Impermanence: This is from the Buddhist concept that everything in life is subject to change and decay; a broken Mala acts as a tangible reminder of this universal truth. It encourages you to embrace change and not fear it as its a part of being.

Always remember, when a Mala breaks it means it worked for you and should be treated with respect. You can give your gratitude and bury it in the Earth, or you can restring it and give it a new intention, or you can keep the broken Mala as a reminder of your spiritual journey as well as the lessons learned along the way.

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