Vedic Astrology Reading

The Vedic Astrology Readings are offered by Sarita Shrestha at Tibet Imports only!

Tibet Imports LLC 

709 E 6th Ave. 

Denver, CO. 80206


At the store in Denver, the readings are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. You DO NOT need an appointment. 

The store hours are MON-SAT; 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM 

(The store is open on SUNDAYS for the month of December only.) 

Things you need to know for your reading:

Date of birth

Time of birth 

Place of birth (State & City)

The Readings are about 10-12 mins long and you can ask questions at the end if you have any. 

After the reading, the Mala is picked by Sarita based on your birth chart. Please know that you cannot get just the reading, the Malas are part of it. 

If you’re not in Denver & would like your chart read over the phone, you can book here.  

After the reading, the Mala will be shipped to you. 


Cost Breakdown:

Mala & Reading (after tax) = $59.85 

Shipping (Priority Mail) = $10.20 (for phone readings only)

Total = $70.05 

 The sum can be paid by credit card over the phone after the reading 

OR, you can Zelle Sarita at: 

(please only complete payment with Zelle while on the phone with Sarita)



Thank you, 

Prayer Mala


Disclaimer: Prayer Mala isn't affiliated with Tibet Imports and the services provided by them, unless mentioned.