Collection: Root/Base Chakra Collection

The root is the first chakra representing the foundation. It is the root of all things. It is located at the tail-bone level, the base of the spine. Simply, the root chakra is concerned with needs. It has to do with one's sense of stability, safety, and commitment. Root Chakra is also responsible for self-preservation and feeling grounded. Only when we feel fulfilled by our basic needs, do we focus on growing. It is the same with Chakras. A lack of roots can compromise the integrity of all other chakras. Setting intentions, positive affirmations, and spending time in nature can help balance the root chakra. 

The Malas and crystals in this collection help us balance our root chakra and help us heal all the problem areas around the tail bone.

  • The colors are usually deep Red, Red, Black, Maroon, and Crimson,
  • The planets are the Earth and Mars,
  • Astrological Sign emphasis: Fire Sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), and 
  • The birth months associated with this colors are January & July.