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Prayer Mala

Chakra Orgone Pyramid (3 inches)

Chakra Orgone Pyramid (3 inches)

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  • Balance 
  • Healing 
  • Harmony 
  • Protection from electromagnetic energy

These are amazing designs with powerful and positive vibrations that protects us from electromagnetic energies. It protects us from all the electric and electronic devices, making it a must-have for people living in the big cities. These pyramids emit a high-frequency vibration with copper spirals at the top to amplify the energy of the crystal. The crystal on top is Quarts-the master healer! 

It is believed that the stones chosen for the Chakra are for balance and healing of the individual chakras and the aura. From the root chakra to the crown chakra, each energy center is charged and shaped to promote harmony and balance amongst them. When worn with intention, we begin to feel more in sync with the world around us as well as, the emotions within us.

Note: The symbol in the front might be different than in the picture. 


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