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Prayer Mala

Carnelian & Crystal Quartz (Pregnancy+Fertility Mala)

Carnelian & Crystal Quartz (Pregnancy+Fertility Mala)

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  • Stone of Fertility 
  • Nurturing
  • Connection Mala
  • Mala for attraction
  • Carnelian helps to ground and anchor an individual. Keeping Carnelian with you can boost libido and self-confidence. It is a high-energy stone with a stabilizing quality. It is great for motivation, enhancing self-worth, and stimulating creative power. Useful in business, romantic, and academic pursuits. Carnelian is also associated with the female energy and menstrual cycle, it is the stone of fertility. It can bring a detoxifying flush to those who may be in a battle with alcohol, drugs, and stimulants that don't serve you. It helps the timid speakers raise their vocals. It is also the stone of protection from people, and physical harm and helps prevent accidents.

    Clear Quartz, is the master healer that aids in manifestation. It is used to purify, especially other crystals. It is also known to amplify the energies of other crystals. It promotes mental clarity. It helps us see the truth in the situation, in understanding ourselves, and in seeing the situation from a new perspective.  

    Rudraksha Seed: TEAR OF SHIVA. Represents compassion. It is a seed that has fallen before fruiting – a very auspicious act in Vedic culture. Worn to represent Shiva the god of destruction and also the male creative force in the world. It can help cleanse the blood and purify the liver. Has a very grounding and earthy effect. 

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