Kali Maa/Mata

Kali Maa/Mata

On the seventh day of Dashain (one of the biggest festivals in Hinduism), we celebrate Maa Kali or Kali Mata. She is the ultimate mother; a divine mother–born to do the deeds that others aren’t capable of. At first glance, she looks angry, her eyes are red with rage. She has her tongue sticking out under her white fangs representing passion and purity respectively. She is most popularly seen with four arms, but in some forms, we can see her with ten. The form with her ten arms is called Mahakali, where she is holding different objects or weapons from various Devas. The different weapons tell us that she holds the power of each of the gods that the weapon belongs to. Coming back to the four-arm form, in her left arm, she carries a severed head, representing liberation from the ego. In the other left arm, she has a sword to destroy ignorance. She does two different mudras (gestures) on each one of her arms on the right; Abhaya (fearlessness) and Varada (blessings). She’s seen wearing a garland (Mala) of 108 severed heads or skulls of the demons who she has liberated from the illusion of ego. 

Skull Malas also represent her fierceness and strength. She is the symbol of the 'death of ego' in Hinduism--Moksha (liberation). With the death of ego comes our authentic self. She is a mother, she is loving and empowered. She guides us through the transformation by dissolving all forms of time. She helps you tear down what's needing to die inside you, like the attachments and the limiting beliefs, making room for new things and growth. We experience true transformation in her presence as she brings the old cycle to end. With her comes the divine feminine energy and change in perspective of life and death. She tells us that the body is temporary, and we should not get too attached to it. 

Why 108?

Check link for a better picture of her https://www.instagram.com/p/CjTHgoIuMfQ/

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