Why 108 Beads?

          108 is truly a magical number, there are many reasons as to why 108 is so spiritual and it varies from culture to culture and religion to religion.   

  • Vedic Mathematics: 108 is called Harsha (great joy) number in Vedic mathematics, which is an integer divisible by the sum of its digits.
  • Tantric Systems: Tantric system is subtle physiology. It is said that there are 108 Nadis (energy channels) that converge to form the heart chakra. 
  • Marma Points: The human body has 108 Marma points (concentrated centers of energy).
  • Feelings: We humans have 108 feelings. Out of which, 36 are related to the past, 36 are related to the present, and 36 are related to the future. 
  • Vedic Astrology: The chart has 12 houses and 9 planets; 12 times 9 = 108.
  • India's sacred river: The Ganga, spans a longitude of 12 degrees (79 to 91), and a latitude of 9 degrees (22 to 31); 12 times 9 = 108.
  • The numbers, 1, 0, & 8:  1 are for God or higher truth, 0 is for emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice, and 8 is for infinity or eternity.
  • The Sun: The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. Also, the distance from the Sun to the Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Sun.
  • The Moon: The average distance of the Moon from Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Moon.
  • Silver: It is the metal that represents the moon in Vedic Astrology. The atomic weight of silver is 108.
  • Breaths: In Tantric traditions, the average number of breaths taken per day is 21,600, of which 10,800 are solar energy and 10,800 are lunar energy.
  • Space: The first crewed space flight lasted 108 minutes and was on April 12, 1961, by Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet cosmonaut.
  • Periodic Table: The periodic chart in Chemistry has 108 elements.
  • Elements: We have 108 Elements in the Universe.
  • Bones in the Human Body: There are 108 major bones in the human body.
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