Mala Care



  • Mala beads are sacred, we suggest that you keep our Malas in a clean space. 
  • When you are not wearing them, you can have them on your desk, hang them on the wall, or have them in a bag.
  • You can use a damp cloth to wipe the beads if you need. 


  • Handle your Mala with care, try not to drop them or leave them under heavy objects--they are fragile
  • Please do not take or leave your Malas in the bathroom, or get them wet (especially for seed and wood Malas)
  • Do not sleep with them on or avoid wearing them while doing any activities where you might pull on the Mala

Tassel Care

Tassels do tend to get dirty really quickly when you love your Mala. You can hand wash them, gently comb them, and leave them to air dry.  

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