Saraswati: Goddess of Wisdom & Knowledge!

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of wisdom, music, creativity, and knowledge. She is also known as the goddess of speech, music, and literary arts. Her name translates to “The essence of the Self”, the word Sara means “essence” and the word Swa means “self”. She is a consort of lord Brahma; the creator of the world and she is believed to have emerged from lord Brahma’s mouth (you might hear different stories). Her white Saree (dress) is the symbol of purity and peace. It is also said that when there is peace, there is knowledge and development. Her four arms enact the four elements of inner life, i.e. mind, intellect, ego, and consciousness. The items she holds in her hands have a symbolic meaning. The book (Veda) represents divine and true knowledge. She is an educator, she lets others light the candles in her stream of knowledge. Every school and learning institution is regarded as Saraswati’s temple. She also stands for the union of power and intelligence that empowers her organized creations. On the other hand she carries Mala to form a routine; to be disciplined. Malas are also a garland of love and can be used for meditation. Veena/Vina is the instrument which helps us identify her and it illustrates sound and rhythm. She carries the ultimate power of soul. We celebrate her day as “Vasanta Panchami” every year on the first day of Spring. She always has a swan by her side representing beauty. It is believed that Swans have the ability to separate water from milk with its beak, symbolizing the need for people to always be able to foresee the difference between right and wrong. 


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