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Prayer Mala

Aura Protection Mala

Aura Protection Mala

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  • Deeper connection w the Earth
  • Stimulates thoughts & ideas
  • Clears confusion & frustration
  • Improved communication

Any Quartz is healing energy, Smoky Quartz is for digestion issues. It eliminates the lower vibration energy fields and eliminates the negative energy. It is also known to detoxify the body and protect the body from harmful radiation. It brings a sense of calmness relieving the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. It helps you manifest your dreams into reality. 

Apatite is a stone that has a way of drawing out the deeper part of our intellect, our roots, and our fullest potential. It protects us from the negativity of ourselves and others. It can help with both the lower two chakras, as well as the throat and the third eye. Stimulating both creative energies and a sense of focus for those who struggle to socialize and or communicate their needs.

*These Mala help you create a shield around you so your energy is always protected. 

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