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Prayer Mala

Cleansing Bundle

Cleansing Bundle

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Sage + Selenite + Palo Santo + Abalone Shell 

This trio can be used for cleansing or smudging. We can use this at our home or on our Malas. The smoke is believed to cleanse anger, conflict, illness, and evil at home. Smudging can clear all the negative energies in the home. It will also keep the insects away and reduce the number of bacteria in the air! It can help us get rid of anxious thoughts and overthinking. Don't forget to put intention while using these... 

We can leave the Mala with selenite or a little smoke from Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse them. 

Other than cleansing, we can also smudge at the new place that we are moving to if we are sick, before/during meditation, and every morning before or while we pray. 

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