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Prayer Mala

Unakite w Red Jasper Mala

Unakite w Red Jasper Mala

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  • Aids healthy pregnancy & labor 
  • Healing from physical Illness
  • Promotes bone health 
  • Stone of vision

Unakite belongs to the Jasper family, giving us nurturing energy. It is also known as the stone of vision. It helps us balance our emotions, allowing us to progress toward our spiritual endeavors. It is an uplifting stone that teaches us self-love. It makes a great companion for some of us if we are always putting others first or if we have to give up on something for others. Wearing Unakite will provide grounding energy which can be useful during or after meditation. It helps the body to identify and transform any disease before it becomes worse. It is also a symbol of re-birth and regeneration 

Red Jasper is full of iron and protective properties. An amulet for warriors and shamans alike, this stone offers insight during difficult times as well as strengthening an individual's personal boundaries. Highly grounding and stimulating of the 1st and 2nd chakras. This is the stone that we turn to when we need comfort. It brings balance, stamina, and courage, and it nurtures. Very helpful with pursuits in love, spirit, and personality.

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