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Worry Stone (Fire Agate)

Worry Stone (Fire Agate)

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Worry stones are polished gemstones in an oval shape with a thumb indentation. We hold the stone in between our index finger and thumb, then we gently move our thumb back and forth across the stone to release anxiety and stress. It's a perfect size for our hands, to take to work, or to put in our pockets. 

  • Supports during difficult times
  • Protects against ill-wishing
  • Prevents burn-out
  • Creativity & Passion

Fire agate is a stone that channels the element of fire. It is great for destroying or, ridding ourselves of falsities and ego. It is a stone with a deep connection to the Earth with a calming energy. With strong grounding powers, it supports us during difficult times. Fire agate is a protective stone, especially against ill-wishing. It builds a protective shield around the body and returns harm back to the source. It stimulates the second and third chakra-it heals the stomach, the nervous system and endocrine system, and circulatory disorder. It brings vitality into the body, preventing energy burn-out. Fire agate sparks the fire for creativity & passion. 

(The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall)

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