Mala Kits: Why make Malas

Why should we make Malas? 

It is a very therapeutic and meditative process that helps us to slow down. We are living in a fast-paced world and often we forget to make time for ourselves. We are always rushing, and we have forgotten how important it is to slow down and reflect on what we are doing. Now, you’re probably wondering what making mala has to do with slowing down. It does, making mala takes time, and if you try to rush it the beads can get tangled. So, we have to carry out each step with intention and focus. It’s very simple, but you have to be present and focused. 

With every knot we tie on our mala, we are unknotting ourselves. We are unknotting all the muscles, all the traumas stored in our bodies, and letting them go. Also, with each knot, you can set and repeat your affirmations or your intention(s). When we make our Malas, we use the mantra “Om Shreem”. “Om” represents the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. It is the mantra to help us fulfill all our desires and the “shreem” represents the goddess of wealth and prosperity; Mahalakshmi. This mantra helps us in attaining power, wealth, and social status. 

Once you have your Mala ready, you can either wear them, carry it with you, or meditate with it. You can set an intention and wear or meditate with it for 40 days. You can use your affirmations to manifest what you desire in your life. Your mala then will act as a reminder of your affirmation or a reminder of whatever intention you put while making it!

Malas are also the ancient tools that help us stay focused during the meditation and keep count of how many times we have chanted our Mantra–108 times, but you can do more. 

If you’re wondering why 108 times, read here.

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