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Prayer Mala

Kali Mala (Skulls) & White Turquoise

Kali Mala (Skulls) & White Turquoise

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  • Self Empowerment 
  • Ending Limiting Beliefs
  • Facing Fears 
  • Letting Go of Old Attachments  

Skulls have been used in several cultures as a good luck charm. It's believed to ward off diseases and protect the wearer from evil spirits. Kali Maa- the divine mother is always wearing a skull necklace representing her fierceness and strength.

She symbolizes the 'death of ego' in Hinduism--Moksha (liberation from the cycle of rebirth). With the death of ego comes our authentic self. She is a mother, she is loving and empowered. She guides us through the transformation by dissolving all forms of time. She helps you tear down what needs to die inside you, like the attachments and the limiting beliefs, making room for new things and growth. We experience true transformation in her presence as she brings the old cycle to an end. With her comes the divine feminine energy and change in perspective of life and death. 

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