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Prayer Mala

Large Geode Pair

Large Geode Pair

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4.5x4.5 approx. 

  • Intention Setting
  • Master Healer 
  • Energising
  • Eliminates Negative Energy.  

Initially, the stones are formed together and then cracked open to reveal two sparkling halves of quartz. Quartz is the master healer and resonates with all the chakras. It encourages clarity of thought. It has the ability to energize all the other gemstone that comes in contact with it. It brings the energy of balance and beauty to your space. 

People who own the Geode pairs usually give the other half to the person they love. Doing this keeps your loved ones connected with you through the sacred crystal energy. You can also set intentions with these pairs by saying you wish while opening it and letting the sparkling lights from the crystal shine on you. 

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