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Prayer Mala

Prehnite with Snow Quartz Guru Bead

Prehnite with Snow Quartz Guru Bead

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  • Grounding 
  • Activates solar-plexus chakra
  • Cognitive abilities 
  • Alleviate nightmares

Prehnite: The stone of dreaming is excellent for grounding the physical body as well as preparing one mentally for whatever is about to come. When used in meditation and for spiritual endeavors – it is believed to enhance cognitive abilities and foresight. It has the ability to alleviate nightmares, phobias, and deep fears. It's a fairly rare stone. 

Snow Quartz: A supportive stone that helps us to learn lessons and how better to let go of expectations. Enhances critical thinking and the ability to take action. Has a deep link to inner wisdom and worldly knowledge; encourages one to slow down and think things through.

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