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Prayer Mala

Prosperity Mini Mala

Prosperity Mini Mala

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NOTE: Prosperity Malas are never the same and don't always have the same stone or symmetrical patterns or design. We lay out the beads and let the Universe decide which bead wants to go in the Mala. This is why it's special.

Please expect it to be a little different in color and pattern than that shown in the picture. (It's like a little surprise)

Quick Description:

  • Abundance
  • Balance
  • Happiness 
  • Good Fortune

Detailed Description:

Created with intention of invoking the powers of Lakshmi and many other deities which help to bring luck and good fortune to their devotees. Multi-stone Malas are powerfully charged to balance your mind, body, and soul along with the 7 chakras. Open yourself up to receive wealth, happiness, and abundance into your life.

*22 beads are regular sized and 25 beads are top pick for men. 

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