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Prayer Mala

Red Jasper & Rudrakshya Seed(Guru)

Red Jasper & Rudrakshya Seed(Guru)

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  • Stone of endurance 
  • Root Chakra; Grounding 
  • Courage and Stamina 
  • Inner strength

Red Jasper: This jasper is full of iron and protective properties. An amulet for warriors and shamans alike, this stone offers insight during difficult times as well as strengthening an individuals personal boundaries. Highly grounding and stimulating of the 1st and 2nd chakras. This is the stone that we turn to when we need comfort. It bring balance, stamina, courage, and it nurtures. Very helpful with pursuits in love, spirit and personal.

Rudraksha Seed: TEAR OF SHIVA. Represents compassion. It is a seed that has fallen before fruiting – a very auspicious act in Vedic culture. Worn to represent Shiva the god of destruction and also the male creative force in the world. It can help cleanse the blood and purify the liver. Has a very grounding and earthy effect.


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