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Prayer Mala

Rose Quarts & Amethyst Tree of Life

Rose Quarts & Amethyst Tree of Life

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  • Ancestry, Family, and Fertility
  • Growth and Strength
  • Individuality 
  • Immortality & Rebirth 
  • Connection to everything 

The tree of life represents family and fertility as it represents how families grow through many generations. The branches that stretch towards the sky and the roots that stretch in the grounds represent the eternal bonding between the physical world we are rooted in and the spiritual world that we are embracing. It is a reminder of the universal connection to our mother Earth and our reliance on her for growth. A tree of life is a symbol of growth as it stands tall and strong, roots deep into the soil to ground itself. It is a representation of how a person grows up to be strong and spread themselves by gathering knowledge throughout their lifetime. It is a symbol of re-birth as it grows new buds and leaves every spring after a dead winter. It is a symbol of peace as it has always evoked a sense of calmness while its leaves flutter in the breeze. The tree of life represents individuality as they are unique in their own ways like us humans. Like how people grow and change throughout their lifetime and how their experiences mold them and enhance their individuality. 

Amethyst + Rose Quarts: Intuition, love/self-love, and purification

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