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Prayer Mala



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  • Protection & good luck 
  • Stone for Anxiety 
  • Supports spiritual growth 
  • Releases attachments and past 

White Turquoise (aka white buffalo turquoise): A soft and cosmic stone, good for the crown chakra and used as an amulet of protection and good luck. Enhances ones ability to communicate with others and high powers, strengthens the immune system and heart. It is a great stone for anxiety. It expands our consciousness and align us with the divine. It helps us release what's weighing us down, whether it be people, pain, objects, or past.    

Snow Quartz( Guru Bead): A supportive stone that helps us to learn lessons and how better to let go off expectations. Enhances critical thinking and ability to take action. Has a deep link to inner wisdom and worldly knowledge. Encourages one to slow down and think things through.

( The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystal, by Judy Hall.)

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